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GT Bicycles has a storied history, going back to 1973 when welder Gary Turner (hence the GT) designed one of the first lightweight BMX racing bikes, propelling the new cycling sport into the limelight.

Over the next decade, GT added road and mountain bikes to their lineup, becoming one of the premiere manufacturers of bicycles in the world.

Whether you are into hardtail or full suspension mountain bikes, road bikes, or BMX, you will find something fun and exciting in the GT lineup.  Every component is about performance.

Each bike rim, bike saddle, bike tire, and handlebar has been matched to the bike with precision and care, right down to the pedals.

GT Bicycle Special Features

  • Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Forced Optimized Construction
  • Full Suspension Independent Drivetrain
  • Hardtail Triple Triangle Design
  • GTw Women’s Specific Geometry
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium Bike Frame

No matter what your budget, you can find high-level performance at every price point with GT Bicycles.

GT Bicycles – High-End Bikes

  • Fury Team Downhill Mountain Bike
  • Distortion 2.0 Freeride Mountain Bike
  • Ruckus 7 1.0 Freeride Mountain Bike
  • Force 1.0 All Mountain Bike
  • Force Carbon Sport All Mountain Bike
  • Sanction 1.0 All Mountain Bike
  • GTR SRS 1 Road Bike
  • GTR CX1 Road Bike
  • GTR Carbon Pro Road Bike
  • Speed Series Pro BMX Bike

GT Bicycles– Mid-Range Bikes

  • La Bomba Freeride Mountain Bike
  • Force 3.0 Freeride Mountain Bike
  • Sensor 4.0 Endurance Mountain Bike
  • Avalanche 1.0 Endurance Mountain Bike
  • GTR SRS 3 Road Bike
  • GTR CX2 Road Bike
  • Tachyon 1.0 Road Bike
  • Power Series Expert BMX
  • Fueler Butter BMX

GT Bicycles– Lower-End Bikes

  • Aggressor 3.0 Freeride Mountain Bike
  • Laguna  Freeride Mountain Bike
  • Karakoram 2.0 Freeride Mountain Bike
  • GTR SRS 4 Road Bike
  • Tachyon 3.0 Road Bike
  • Fly BMX

GT Bicyles Test Drive

I’ve been riding GT Bicyles since the glory days of the cro-moly steel “triple triangle” mountain bike frames – my first mountain bike was a GT Timberline way back in 1995, so I was enthused about testing a few bikes from their latest lineup.  Recently, I had the chance to spin around on the Zaskar 29”ER Expert mountain bike, the GTR SRS 2 road bike, and the Fueler-Butter bmx.

It’s easy to see why 29” mountain wheels are all the rage with the GT Zaskar.  If you want to improve your endurance, the 29” is certainly the way to go.  I immediately noticed incredible traction with the standard 29” Alex SX44 rims and Kenda Karma  bike tires.  Component-wise, the Zaskar is also decked out with a Shimano drivetrain and Formula RX disc brakes, along with a Rockshox Reba RL for front suspension.  Being a hardtail and not full suspension, it sports that famous triple triangle in the rear. As for the GTR SRS 2, it’s a solid entry-level road bike, featuring an all-aluminum smooth-weld bike frame, Shimano 105 drivetrain, Mavic CXP-22 rims, and Tektro Skeleton brakes.

GT Zaskar 29”ER Expert Features

  • Hydroformed  6061-T6 Aluminum Frame
  • Rockshox Reba RL Suspension
  • SRAM S1400 Crank
  • Shimano SLX Shifters
  • Shimano Deore XT Rear Derailleur
  • Alex SX44 Bike Rim
  • Kenda Karma 29” x 2.2 Tires
  • Crankbrothers Candy Clipless Pedals
  • Formula RX Brakes
  • All Terra Flat Top Riser Handlebar
  • Shimano HG74 10 Speed Bike Chain

If you’re looking for performance cycling, GT can provide.  The Zaskar rolled over the dirt singletrack like a monster.  I don’t think I’ve ridden a trail as hard as I did with the Zaskar.  It was easy to tackle the hills with the larger wheels, and it takes corners quicker than you might expect, so grip that handlebar and hang on.  The Rockshox Reba RL is an awesome suspension package, letting you adjust the rebound according to your needs, a perfect fit with the larger wheel diameter. Of course, there’s plenty of ground clearance, and the GT Zaskar rolls right over small obstacles with ease without worry of striking something with the chain or the pedals.  No need to worry about braking with the larger wheelbase, as the Formula RX discs do their duty with no complaints.  The price is right, too, as the Zaskar comes in at just under 2 grand.

Cons?  The larger wheelbase makes it harder to accelerate from a standstill, especially if you need to go up, and the frame is a little large for us smaller riders, which takes some getting used to.  I’d also like to try a few different tires, as the Kenda Karmas seem to be a bit sluggish in the dirt at times.   Plus, it’s not full-suspension, so your adventures may be limited to some degree.

GT GTR SRS 2 Features

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • GT Carbon Fork
  • FSA Gossamer Pro Crank 50/34
  • Shimano 105 Shifters
  • Shimano 105 Derailleurs
  • Vittoria Rubino II Bike Tires
  • Mavic CXP-22 Bike Rim
  • Fizik Pave CX Bike Saddle
  • Ritchie Logic 6061 Handlebar
  • Shimano HG-73 10 Speed Bike Chain

Moving on road bikes, the GT GTR SRS 2 proves you don’t need to spend a lot of money to ride a world-class racing bike.  If open-road cycling is your sport, then you can’t go wrong here.  I don’t think you’ll be able to find a stronger contender for under $1500.  The all-aluminum GTR compact design bike frame is matched with a GT Carbon fork, very lightweight and extremely durable.  This is a quick little bike that’s fun to ride.  The Shimano 105 shifters are smooth as silk, and the Fizik Pave CX is one of the more comfortable road bike saddles I’ve been on in a while.  Everything seems to flow together in harmony on this bike, and it shows that GT can deliver top of the line road bikes at a reasonable price.

Of course, with a low price comes sacrifice.  It’s not as light as carbon fiber, but it won’t make your wallet lighter in the process.  Unless you are into some serious racing, you’re not going to regret this one.

GT Fueler – Butter Features

  • GT Dirt Design Cro-moly Tubing
  • 9T Cassette
  • FT: Alienation Deviant Bike Rim
  • Affix Telum Dirt Tires
  • Xposure Cromo 8” Rise Handlebar
  • KMC Half-Link Bike Chain

So we’ve talked about mountain and road, so what about BMX, the original fame of GT Bicycles?  GT has something for you, too. I took a spin on the dirt track with the GT Fueler-Butter model to see what was what.  I admit I’m not much of a BMX fanatic, but it was fun to jump around on this little bike for a little while.  It’s a full cro-moly bike frame, rounded out with a 9T cassette and Affix Telum dirt tires.  It’s quick and agile,  giving it a pro feel without the pro price.


Overall, you get a lot of bang for your buck with GT Bicycles.  You could spend a lot more and get a lot less.  With GT Bicycles you’re sure to get top quality, even with their mid-range lineup, and even the lower-end bikes are top notch for the money.  Hit the trails, the road, or the dirt track and have some spinning fun.

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